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About Helstomm

Helstomm is a young and innovative company, which brings together specialists with extensive experience in construction industry. The team of different competences has allowed the company to adopt a different perspective and to take the implementation of precast concrete projects to the next level of design-build projects.

Helstomm brings together companies working in the fields of design, precast concrete production, construction management and construction.

In order to create a higher value added for our customers, we implement our precast concrete projects within the BIM (Building Information Modelling) ecosystem.

Building Information Modelling is the process of drafting and managing all the information of a building throughout its lifecycle – from initial design concept to construction and completion. In this way full responsibility for the design, manufacture and transportation to site and installation of building structures can be ensured.

Our main objective is to enable our clients to simplify the construction process and make each project easy, clear and completed on time, within the planned budget.


What is design-build?

In simple terms, instead of many separate contracts, the client has one contract with the contractor. In this way the contractor, the designer, subcontractors, and the client all work together as a team to build a project that fits within the estimated budget and timeframe in line with the client’s expectations. Team members focus on communication, cooperation and troubleshooting together, rather than look for somebody else to blame.

Benefits of the design-build process

From a very early stage of the project key project costs can be accurately estimated and calculated, thus avoiding the risk of overrunning the planned project budget at a later stage.

One of the biggest advantages is the speed of project implementation. By streamlining the project delivery processes in the design-build ecosystem, from design to construction, the entire project can be managed more efficiently and much faster than the traditional construction management and delivery route.

By using BIM for design, mistakes can be eliminated that could otherwise become costly during the construction phase. Significant savings can be made by applying innovative solutions and acquired know-how.

With design-build, the entire construction process is focussed in single hands, which means that all the responsibility also rests with one person. This saves time and money and eliminates “headaches”.

The design-build approach has become increasingly popular and is seen as a successful way of delivering commercial projects, allowing to ensure quality and up to 20% savings on project costs, compared to traditional methods of construction project delivery.



BIM modelling
Structural calculation and optimisation
Design of building structures (reinforced concrete, steel structures)
Design of precast reinforced concrete products
Design of precast metal products
Building stability calculations
Concept (Tender) modelling

Manufacture of precast reinforced concrete and metal products

We work with reliable partners who have been tested over time on many previous projects. This allows ensuring quality and managing the processes in production.

Project management

We implement complete project process management from the beginning of the design process to the completion of construction. This allows ensuring a smooth running of a project from start to finish.


Installation of precast reinforced concrete and metal structures.


Our team consists of:

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